To help raise funds for the club the Committee has decided to run a ‘500 Club’ and it is for that reason that we need your support. For a contribution of £10 per month, you will not only be supporting the Club but also giving yourself a chance of winning a monthly prize and an annual prize.

Players, former players and non-playing friends of West Essex FC can join the ‘500 Club’ as a means of raising funds and through their financial contribution, benefit the maintenance and development of the resources of the Club for everyone’s future enjoyment. In the first instance the funds raised will be used to pay the cost of training for the senior teams.

The basic features of the Club Lottery are as follows:

  • For a payment of £10 each month, you will be allocated a Draw Number which
    will be entered into a monthly draw with fellow supporters of West Essex FC
  • Lottery income will be £12,000 per year if 100 contributors take part.
  • Half the total proceeds will be allocated as prizes, totalling £6,000 per year, on average £500 per month.
  • There will be a monthly draw with the following prizes (see rules 10 & 11):
  • 1st monthly prize £250
  • 2nd monthly prize £100
  • 3rd monthly prize £50
  • The additional prize amount of £100 each month will be rolled up into an annual super prize draw of £600 in December and June in addition to the regular monthly draw. (subject to Rules 10 & 11)

We are convinced this will be a popular way of raising money for the Club because of the good chances of winning one of the 38 prizes to be drawn each year and sharing the £6,000 prize money.

Anyone can buy more than one Draw Number. Simply complete the two-step online form, however please keep the standing order as multiple payments with separate references.

Please complete the online 500 club form as quickly as possible so that we can perform the administration in time for you to be in the next draw, which will normally take place on the last Sunday of each month.

Good Luck

Dan Reading, Adam (Keith) Norris and Ross Gale

500 Club Organisers

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